Open Call | TC GearUP:

Nutating Gearbox with Improved Performances for High Added- Value Applications:

The NUGEAR (NUtating GEARbox) is an innovative gearbox. The technology behind the innovative parts was conceived for space applications but is applicable also within industrial automation and robotics fields.

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Open Call | TC TiColor:

Anodic coloring of AM titanium parts:

The client specializes in machining chemical nickel and anodizing mechanical parts and it is a technologically advanced player on the field. The range of treatments and the ability to achieve results in short timescales are two of its greatest strengths.

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Open Call | TC PreciLight:

Prototype of Ti-SiC cermet material by SPS for lightweight and high hardness micro-mechanical components:

PreciLight basic concept was the novel material solutions for small components used in the precision mechanic sector. The technical requirements for the prototype components.

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Open Call | TC NanoCast:

Nano-additive for the reinforcement of Al-based alloys for casting:

The aim of NanoCast was the production of a nano-reinforced Al-Cu alloy by casting, targeting an increase of 20-30% in tensile properties with respect to the base alloy. Mechanical alloying performed by proprietary High energy ball milling (HEBM) technology plays a pivotal role in aiding homogeneous dispersion of NPs.

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Open Call | TC Pla3DTi:

Nickel Electroplating on 3D printed objects made of Ti alloys:

Plating of various metals onto titanium is a challenging process, however it can significantly enhance some properties of the substrate, allowing its use in an even wider variety of applications. Depending on the top coating used, plating process may lead to increase of the corrosion resistance.

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Open Call | TC Compoxide:

Anodization of composite aluminum alloys:

The client has more than 60 years of experience in anodizing aluminum and its alloys. The variety of possible shades and finishes, flexibility in offering special applications and fast machining times are the main distinguishing features of the business. The client has more than 60 years of experience in anodizing aluminum and its alloys.

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Open Call | TC DLComp:

DLC coatings on composite aluminum alloys:

The client, through its collaboration with research centers, is responsible for carrying out studies and preliminary development of innovative processes and coatings. The objective of the DLComp project is to test the DLC MIDA treatment through the PACVD (Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition).

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Test Case | Pre alloyed powders for AM and SPS:

The main objective of the MBN’s test case was to produce via HEBM, novel pre alloyed powders based on aluminum and titanium matrices reinforced with nano-SiC and TiC for use in IRIS PL (Borealis/DED) and in INOP PL (SPS-KOBO extrusion).

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Test Case | Mg alloys for AM and casting:

MgCom through this TC aimed at producing novel Mg-based MMCs via Electro-magnetic melt stirring (EMS) followed by extrusion, in form of billets or wires for use in MWAM, HPDC and GSC PLs.

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Test Case | Machining of lightweight MMnC:

The main focus of TC3 was in the manufacturing of a wing rib component for passenger air vehicles by additive manufacturing of Al alloy based MMC. The new component must guarantee the same stiffness and strength as the conventional wing rib but at reduced weight.

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Test Case | Al composite components:

The aim of TC 4 was to manufacture fasteners used for the assembling of heavy cargo lift transportation, reducing the component weight and keeping the price unaltered.

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Test Case | Self-cleaning, anti-bacterial objects:

TC5 aimed at upscaling the Al/TiO2 casting process and integrate the process in its own production line for the production of self-sanitizing door knobs, with antibacterial and anti-viral properties. TC5 partner (Kampakas) will access both PL’s owned by ÖGI (LPDC and GSC).

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Test Case | Lightweight steering pinions:

The demonstrator brought into this test case is a steering pinion housing for the automotive industry. The pinion cast from Al and Mg alloys, reinforced by SiC NPs, must meet the material characteristics of the OEM and Tier 1 industries, providing a substantial weight saving respect to steel pinion.

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Test Case | Composite Ti aerospace components:

The component considered in TC7 consist in an actuator support which connects the mechanism that allows the nose landing gear (NLG) to open and close with the main body of the aircraft. The component is used for aerospace applications and the aim of TC7 is to show that the component manufactured by AM utilizing Al.

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Test Case | Advance Ti alloys for automotive industry:

TC 8 was about the realization of a gearbox to be installed on high-end automotive vehicles, mainly belonging to the GT, luxury and sport segment. The component optimized to enhance strength and durability of the parts, but with lower weight than the conventional component.

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