About LightMe

Lightweight materials have become increasingly critical for producing components for aircrafts, cars, trains, ships, defence equipment and consumer goods.

Especially, lightweight metal and alloys possess high strength-to-weight ratios and low density. Common applications are met in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, railway and other large niche applications.

LightMe Objectives

The LightMe project aspires to be a point of reference for boosting innovation in the field
of lightweight metal matrix nanocomposites (MMnC) setting up an Open Innovation Ecosystem (test bed)
that will boost the introduction of new functionalities, features and capabilities to lightweight metals.

LightMe Newsfeed

The latest news relating the development of the LightMe Project.


Workshop on Operational Procedures

We would like to thank all the participants who attended and successfully..


Workshop on Operational Procedures

On day 1th of March 2023 at (10AM-12PM CET), LightMe will have a Workshop..


Market Research Questionnaire

We would like to share with you the Market Research Questionnaire to evaluate the...


LightMe Open Call Presentation

On the 11th February LightMe organized an Online event to present LightMe Open Call