Access to the Ecosystem

Clients will apply for access to the LightMe Ecosystem through the dedicated web platform operated by the NPO who acts as the SEP. Awareness of potential customers concerning the services of the Ecosystem will be done through various channels, while access to the Ecosystem in order to understand the potentiality of the pilot lines and other services will be free of charge for the users/customers. The procedure for accessing the ecosystem will be the following:

  • • The customer/end user make an application in a non-confidential form via the web-platform of the SEP. The application concerns the completion of a questionnaire consists of closed and open type questions.
  • • The application is assessed by the SEP and the customer is contacted. An NDA is signed between the SEP and the customer and more conventional details of the concept are provided as well as of the required services.
  • • The SEP in collaboration with the WG are setting up an offer including the technical workflow based on the needs of the customer, a detailed cost estimation of the services described in the workflow and the handling of new IPRs.
  • • Upon the approval of the offer by the client, a contract agreement between the NPO and the customer is signed, while the agreement between NPO and members of the ecosystem is activated and thus the ecosystem is working on the project based on the contractual obligations of its members.

  • Finally, it is important to refer on the decision-making procedures of the Ecosystem that will be defined during the first period of the project and will include the following main aspects:
  • • Evaluation of test cases and translation of the customers’ needs to be based on characterization workflows. This will be carried out by the WG in collaboration with the potential customers and the group managers.
  • • Pricing of ecosystem services. The members of LightMe are committed to provide their services at fair prices and thus, competitive offers will be given to the customers. It is expected that due to the synergies that will be developed in the ecosystem leading to a one stop shop, the total revenues that will be created will be higher compared to the sum of the revenues that each partner can create on its own (economy of scales).
  • • Internal conflict mechanism resolutions will be developed for possible conflicts inside the ecosystem.
  • • Intellectual property issues and confidentiality aspects will be arranged between the LightMe and the clients