Market Uptake

Adherence to standards and regulations helps to ensure safety, reliability and environmental care. Users perceive standardized products and services as more dependable – this in turn raises user confidence, increasing sales and the take-up of new technologies. A main barrier in terms of regulation and standards is related to the burden and uncertainty due to legislation (e.g. REACH) which can put a halt on innovation. Also, there are differences in Europe and elsewhere (US, Asia). e.g. multiple region-specific labelling systems with different approaches. This group will undertake all necessary consultancy activities in order to guarantee compliance of the new materials and products, including clustering and networking activities with regulatory bodies, identifying standardization issues at proposal level and supporting ISO working groups.

Such services are:

Environment and worker's safety services

Support industry on the identification of uncertainties and potentials risks, a risk management process will be available, for selected test cases and for clients, following the principles and guidelines of the standard ISO 31000 and 31010, which comprises three main phases: establishing the context, assessment of risk and risk treatment. Taking into consideration the risk analysis results, HSE specifications and recommendations will be defined aiming at risk prevention and control, during product processing and handling

Consulting services on nanosafety

support industry on the identification of information gaps and needs based on the information provided by the clients and according to their innovation development TRL taking in consideration current recommendations, guidelines (OECD, WHO, other European and international entities) and standards (CEN/TC 352 and ISO/TC229) to support industry to meet regulatory requirements, namely REACH and CLP