EcoSystem General description

LightMe aspires to cover a real industrial need related to the upscaling and development of novel lightweight MMnC with advanced functionalities and foster their adoption by the market. The boundaries and value functions of the LightMe are depicted in Figure abaixo based upon the expertise of its member and are positioned across upscaling and testing, environmental impact and issues and market-based aspects.

The LightMe Ecosystems consists of 6 Building blocks and each building block contains a series of elements, representing the services that each building block is providing. The innovative approach of the LightMe ecosystem lays on the proper and efficient collaboration and communication between the building blocks and their elements. The heart of the Ecosystem is the Upscaling building block where 6 pilot lines exists.
The monitoring building block will be responsible for the process monitoring and control of the pilot lines. The modelling and testing building block will provide the necessary feedback to the upscaling units targeting in restriction of the trial and error phase, optimization of the process and provision of the characterization profile of the materials and products, including their environmental impact.
The other 2 building blocks (Market uptake and Innovation management) will provide their expertise in both technical issues (e.g. risk assessment and head & safety monitoring of the pilot lines) as well as in non-technical aspects that may affect the adoption of the new materials/products by the market, covering aspects such as regulatory issues, nanosafety, business model, technology transfer and training.